Thankful Soul

The Block of AITW Lands at Choiceland, Saskatchewan

This wolf and I had a great encounter on our All in the Wild conservation lands.  I was rejuvenating my soul with Mother Nature after a busy summer. Sitting in an aspen bluff on the edge of a wide-open grassy area, I realized I was not alone in my enjoyment of the fading daylight. I saw movement from the corner of my eye. When I turned, I locked eyes with the curious gaze of this timber wolf.  The wolf was unsure what I was as I was downwind and sitting in tall grasses; the sound of my camera clicking piquing even more interest.

I was so thankful to share a few minutes with the curiosity of this gentle soul. Here on our Conservation Lands, my wildlife friend was safe. The smile was indeed a sign that this soul was thankful. Conservation works! Our choices are our voice. Thanks to your continued support, our work is saving wild spaces for wolves like this one – so we may be gently curious about each other, for generations to come.


Limited Edition 8" x 10" and larger to 900

Conservation Edition 30” x 40” to 25


Click on the video below to watch a celebration of Earth Day 2022 through images and videos captured by Jason.

The video shares how All in the Wild is investing in our planet through purchasing wildlands for conservation.


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