If you are considering a large piece, we strongly recommend that you consider an acrylic face-mounted print. In fact, for our largest prints, namely the 28x67s and 40x54s, as well as the triptychs, we only offer this format.

The process

To create an acrylic face-mounted print, an image is first printed on metallic photographic paper. Then, this paper is fused to a clear acrylic panel, using an optically clear adhesive. The panel can then either be framed, or hung by itself, which is known as a float mount (we only offer float mount acrylics through our website, however, if you are interested in a framed acrylic, do not hesitate to get in touch with us, and we would be happy to assist you).

The result

Acrylic face-mounted prints are able to provide an image that is superior in a number of respects to what can be achieved through traditional printing techniques. With the metallic photographic paper, we can produce richer, more vibrant colours. Furthermore, the acrylic panel concentrates the light on the image, generating a greater luminosity, as if the panel is being lit from behind. Finally, because the image is fused directly to the acrylic panel, there is no room between the glass and the image for light to become trapped, avoiding the glare that can arise between the glass and the image in traditional prints. The combination of these factors results in a piece that is sure to arrest the attention of those before it. Furthermore, acrylics still offer the same degree of longevity and UV resistance as a traditional print.


A triptych is an art piece that is divided into three sections.  Our triptychs are produced as float mount acrylics (i.e., unframed). The panels can be hung as close together or far apart as you like, allowing greater flexibility in where you choose to hang your piece.