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"In 2010, my team at All in the Wild and I decided that we wanted to do something that would more directly contribute to the conservation of nature, and so we decided to create the All in the Wild Land Fund.

Since then, six percent of all sales from my work have gone towards this fund, which has allowed for 1,600 acres of land to be purchased and set aside for conservation.

Today, I am pleased to announce that with your support we have now acquired an additional 160 acres for a total of 1,760 conservation acres that will be untouched and natural."

Jason Leo Bantle
Feb 23, 2024 - Land Fund Update


 "Thank you for what you do Jason! You bring nature to life and help people like us see the beauty and personality of the wild that surrounds us, as well the creation of conservation lands to preserve their habitat."

Wish you all the best, Jim and Heather Bush. 
Proud Houston based Canadians.


2010 - The Land Fund is created, and the first parcel of land, near Clavet, Saskatchewan, is acquired, protecting a lekking area for sharp-tailed grouse.

2013 - A 160 acre parcel of land in the Lakeland District of Saskatchewan is purchased, containing extensive natural wetlands, and home to raccoons, black bears, white tail dear, and numerous bird species.

Photo taken on the Lakeland parcel. 

2015 - A 480 acre parcel of parkland near Sonningdale, Saskatchewan is purchased, containing natural wetlands, and home to moose, elk, racoons, and a number of songbird species.

Photo taken on the Sonningdale parcel.

2017 - A 960 acre parcel near Choiceland, Saskatchewan in the boreal forest is purchased, the largest acquisition to date. Some of the species protected include elk, moose, black bears, great grey owls, wolves, and beavers.

Photo taken on the Choiceland, Saskatchewan parcel.

2017 - We begin a partnership with Horizon Pet Nutrition, a Saskatchewan-based natural pet food company, whereby they agree to donate a portion of the sales from their Taiga dog food line to the Land Fund.

Drone image taken over All in the Wild Conservation Lands near Meath Park, SaskatchewanDrone image taken over habitat near Meath Park, Saskatchewan.

2024 - A 160 acre parcel of land near Meath Park, Saskatchewan is purchased, containing precious wetland habitat, a crucial part of biodiversity.

All in the Wild Land Fund Map

Watch this 3 minute video of Jason answering questions regarding his motivation, climate change, art, and the Land Fund: 

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