Raven Kiss

Banff National Park, Alberta

Ravens have cognition on par with human children and some of the great apes.  One research study found that a raven’s problem-solving ability is comparable to that of a six-year-old child. Ravens are known to point with their wings to other ravens to signal a direction of intent. They have a vast repertoire of one hundred or more vocalizations. Ravens, like all other corvids, are typically monogamous for life. They will interact with each other by touching or clasping each other’s bills – a “raven’s kiss” – to gauge the interest of a potential partner or strengthen an already existing bond.  I patiently watched this pair dance on the ground, cooing and cawing, and “kissing”. The romantic interlude lasted for over 20 minutes. 

Limited Edition 8” X 10” and larger to 250. 
Conservation Edition 30” X 40” to 10. 


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