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Released May 30, 2021

To All Those Who Mother - Happy Mother's Day
Released May 4, 2021


Earth Day 2021 NEW Print - The Boss of Banff
Released April 22, 2021


Conquering Barriers - A grizzly mom and her cubs cross road to safety, YAAAA Parks Canada
Released April 22, 2020


LASS and LORDE - NEW Prints
Released January 31, 2021


Wild Wolves of Canada
Released January 29, 2021


A Bit About Me and My New Book, Best of Bantle: Volume I
Released October 23, 2020


NAKODA - A Brief Encounter
Released June 13, 2020


NAKODA - Mountain Gem at Risk
Released June 13, 2020


Canada's Grasslands: One of the Most Endangered Ecosystems in the World
Released June 2, 202


Moments Like These
Released May 26, 2020


An Arctic Adventure - Photographing Polar Bears on the Arctic Ocean Ice
Released April 11, 2020


We're in this Together - Episode 3
Released April 8, 2020


We're in this Together - Episode 2
Released April 4, 2020


We're in this Together - Episode 1
Released April 1, 2020


Wild Wolves Howling Near Banff Canada


Elk Bugling in the Fall


Coyote Pups Playing in the Grasslands of Saskatchewan