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Prairie Energy

Kindersley, Saskatchewan

A breathtaking electrical storm over a canola field in the Kindersley area created the perfect conditions for some interesting images. I watched this storm roll in and I tried to get ahead of it, which was proving to be difficult. After driving many kilometres, I finally got far enough ahead to set up for some shots. I turned down this prairie trail and was just in time. The storm rolled in just as I finished setting up. There was lightning strikes everywhere! I was doing the seconds countdown until the strikes were about a kilometre away, and decided that was close enough. I packed my equipment and drove back down the trail. Lightning then struck in a summer fallow field about 100 metres across from us, and the ground literally blew up! Someone later told me that had I checked the spot where the lightning had struck, I would find that the ground would have actually melted and fused under the intense energy. 

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