Our Friend and Ally

Banff National Park, Alberta

Nakoda is a rare genetic case of a white grizzly bear. Every opportunity to see her is a blessing. This photo was taken early in the morning from the safety of my vehicle. Nakoda is one of only 45 grizzly bears in the Banff population. As a young adult navigating the world on her own, she lives a precarious and problematic lifestyle due to human infrastructure and activity. Sadly, Nakoda’s mother and sibling were both killed in highway incidents. Assumed to be female and now reaching sexual maturity at four years old, Nakoda is a key individual for the genetic diversity of her species. While a white grizzly like Nakoda is valued for her unique beauty, it leads us to consider the true value of each and every grizzly bear within this at-risk population. After all, Nakoda’s colouring was inherited from the same genetics passed to her from other grizzlies in this area. How can we as humans better support these bears to live the life nature intended for them? What is our role in their future?

Limited Edition 8" x 10" to 900

Conservation Edition 30" x 40" to 25


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