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Not a Bear Necessity

Banff National Park, Alberta

I spent a lot of time with Bear 64 and her cubs. The paper cup in the image is obviously not a natural part of the bears' environment, but its vibrant colour was attractive to the curious cubs. Bears are one of the most curious animals out there, and that is not necessarily a good thing for them. Interest in human objects can eventually make them problem bears. It doesn't take much to become habituated to human food sources, causing them to approach buildings, campsites and humans. This can get them designated as a problem bear, and we all know what happens to problem bears. Our grizzly bear populations in Alberta are on the decline. When you look at the mortality rate each year, the majority of these mortalities are connected to human activity. This image may seem like a bit of fun as the cubs seem to be having a good time with their morning cup of "griz", but there is a sadness behind it that most people recognize, myself included. Humans need to be respectful of nature, and when in wild areas, to keep track of our food and garbage, storing and disposing of it appropriately, for the welfare and well-being of the animals. 

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