Prince Albert National Park, SK

River otters are a very playful and curious species, perhaps one of the most curious I have ever photographed. This fella was alone (social distancing I guess) as he popped up from underneath the ice and was checking me out as I hid in a blind. River otters make a beautiful snorting sound when curious. He kept popping his little nose into the snow as he lifted his head and would snort at me again. They are a semi aquatic mammal that are usually found near lakes, rivers and coastlines. The River Otter is built for swimming - they have a streamlined body, short legs with webbed feet, dense fur that keeps them warm, a tapered tail, small ears, and nostrils that can close underwater. I released this print in May of 2020 as we all are facing the challenge of the Covid-19 pandemic and having to isolate for the safety and health of all, this otter’s expression says it all!

Limited Edition 8x10 and larger to 900

Conservation Edition 30x40 to 25

The framed examples shown in order are our 8x10 with brown contemporary framing, and our 8x10 with a brown wood frame.

This video is called "River Otters - Why are they so charming?"


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