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Finding Balance

Pacific Coast, British Columbia

This was the first image in my only series of five images I have ever sold as a limited edition set of prints. I produced only ten of this edition, and once it was sold out everyone missed seeing it at my art shows. It was the oddest behaviour of a grizzly bear I had ever witnessed.

I was guiding grizzly bear boat excursions on the British Columbia coast for visitors from throughout the world. We were observing this bear fishing in the Glendale Estuary. The morning light was harsh, and we navigated the best we could in the falling tide, but toward the end of the viewing session we had no choice but to photograph this bear back lit. As the bear approached this log, I couldn't believe what was unfolding. The bear walked up to the end of the log to inspect the pools of water below for fish trapped by the falling tide. Disappointed, the bear leapt down and went back into the forest, I assume for a late morning nap. 


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