Cascade's Majesty

Banff National Park, Alberta

A Friend and I had been photographing rutting bull elk along the Bow River near Banff, Alberta. Elk have no issue crossing the river to challenge each other over the rights to females. Some of these bull elk have huge harems. At one point, we were between two males, each with its own group of females. This was a beautiful backlit scene with fog or steam coming off of the river, and we were photographing the scenery, only to turn around and see this bulk elk crossing the river. Both Cascade Mountain and the elk were perfectly reflected in the calm water. I was standing on the shore of the river, but I quickly jumped in, hiking boots and all! I knew I would have to snap the pictures quickly to avoid any ripples in the water, in order to capture this reflected image of the majestic bull elk with Cascade in the background. It worked out perfectly and was something I was never able to capture again. Sometimes things just line up when you are least expecting it. 

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