With the help of our All in the Wild Community we have set aside 1600 acres of land dedicated to nature conservation. Thank you.

A New Dawn on the Prairies

Chaplin, Saskatchewan

There are many beautiful mornings on the prairies of Canada, but to have this scene line up with the perfect cloud formation and lighting is a gifted experience. It is not surprising that Saskatchewan is called, “Land of the Living Sky!”
Our grasslands of Canada which are found mainly throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are one of the most endangered ecosystems in the world. The conservation of this ecosystem is not only important for many endangered species, it is also important for the health of our Planet. For instance, grasslands filter a large amount of the drinking water we rely on.
There is a “new dawn” on the prairies as conservation groups are recognizing success in their efforts and as Canadians we have lots to be proud of. 

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