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Assiniboine, A Treasure

Canadian Rockies

Mount Assiniboine was named by George Dawson of the Geological Survey of Canada in the late 1800s. The tall peak with white clouds behind it resembled smoke coming out of a teepee, so he named it in honour of the Assiniboine people. I was fortunate enough to join a friend and hike into the Assiniboine area. What a special Canadian treasure! Mount Assiniboine can be seen at a distance from many different directions, but it isn't until you get up close that you really appreciate its majesty. The previous day, a storm had rolled through the area. As the tallest mountain around, the peak acted like a lightning rod, hit by several strikes. The lake in the foreground is Lake Magog, where I spent a tranquil morning along the shore, photographing the reflection of this majestic peak contrasted by the purple vetches along the edge of the water.

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