Repurposed Ride

Sonningdale, Saskatchewan

This Ford Pinto from the 1970’s was abandoned in the forest about 200 meters from our AITW land in the Sonningdale area.  Unfortunately it was left in this space and not recycled properly as most automobiles are today. However, it showcases the ability for wildlife to adapt to their environment.  Even though it is not an ideal situation, this mama raccoon has used the car to her advantage, providing a safe place for her five babies inside and a “Repurposed Ride”.  The only access into the car is through the broken windshield, so the coyotes, which are raccoons main predator, will not be able to access her young in the car, hence providing a refuge for her and her young.  The raccoon species is very adaptable to human presence, however, not all species have that ability, so just a friendly reminder to be responsible and consider what affects our actions are having on our wild friends around us.

Limited Edition 10x24 and larger to 900

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