Always By Your Side

Photographed in Nunavut

An incredible encounter with this mom and her cub on the arctic ocean ice!  Seeing her in the distance relaxing with her cub was wonderful and I had hoped she would be kind enough to share these moments with my camera.  Mothers with just one cub are typically a lot more affectionate toward their young than two.  When there are two cubs they generally entertain each other, while mom cautiously keeps track.  This mother was gently playing with her cub.  I slowly approached giving mother bear time to trust me and she was, the moment was a pure gift from Mother Nature.  Over the course of a few hours I enjoyed being in the presence of this family and as evening began to fall on the arctic ocean ice her little cub nuzzled in closer.  The bond between this family was strong and both could rely on each other to be “Always By Your Side”.

Limited Edition 8x10 and larger to 900

Conservation Edition 30x40 to 25

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This video is called "An Arctic Adventure - Photographing Polar Bears on the Arctic Ice"


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