Prince Albert National Park, Saskatchewan

What a beautiful night of aurora on the Waskesiu River in Prince Albert National Park! The aurora are a wonderous phenomenon. There had been forecasts that the Aurora activity would be good. Related to sunspot activity, they are predictable. I was out on this particular evening and the lights were dancing to the north. They were brilliant green and purple. I wasn't getting the shot I wanted even though I had chosen the Waskesiu River as a suitable dramatic setting. At 3 o'clock in the morning, after six hours of waiting, you really have nothing to lose. There's a tale that if you whistle, the aurora will dance towards you. So, I started whistling, and to my surprise, the aurora started dancing down the river towards me. Who knows? Maybe it does work! The northern lights were so brilliant that they illuminated the snow on the ground and even my hand seemed to glow green. Of course it would be green. It was St. Patrick's Day, 2015. 

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