With the help of our All in the Wild Community we have set aside 1600 acres of land dedicated to nature conservation. Thank you.

The King’s Crown

King Island, Prince Albert National Park

My father loved to watch the night sky. Whether it was the stars in the heavens or the moon rising on the landscape. There is much wonderment in the night sky and what lies out beyond. Northern lights are one of those phenomena that you just never know what will happen. On this night I sat on the shores of Waskesiu Lake and watched a glorious show, diffused by light cloud cover, as they danced over the small island known as King Island. The aurora with the cloud created a mosaic of colours and sheets of jewel-like colours, the entire night sky lit up and cast a beautiful warm light on the snow below.

Limited Edition 8x10 and larger to 900

Conservation Edition 30x40 to 20



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