With the help of our All in the Wild Community we have set aside 1600 acres of land dedicated to nature conservation. Thank you.

Moraine’s Moment

Rocky Mountains

Sometimes in life, I can find a spot where my soul find repose in nature, sitting on the cliff edge looking out at Moraine Lake is one of those spots. There is now scientific proof that spending time in nature has significant and wide-ranging health benefits and in places like this I can feel it. Located in the Valley of the Ten Peaks, the glacier fed, vivid turquoise waters become more intense throughout the summer as the glaciers melt. The colour is result of the light refracting off the fine particles of rock in the glacier run off. The view is known as the “Twenty Dollar View”, as the scene was featured on the back of the Canadian twenty dollar bills issued between 1969 and 1979. I captured this image during a beautiful, calm sunset evening while sitting on the rocks, enjoying the amazing scape in the Rocky Mountains.

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