With the help of our All in the Wild Community we have set aside 1600 acres of land dedicated to nature conservation. Thank you.

Cradle of Comfort

Kootenay National Park, British Columbia

A mother grizzly and her cub of the year, snuggle up together for a brief moment, allowing me an opportunity to capture a frame. Mother bears are incredibly patient and affectionate with their cubs. This "emotion" in nature is something I strive to capture with my camera. It often occurs in just a split second so being in the right place, at the right time and ready is paramount.  There are only around 9-16 grizzly bears left in the Kootenays, and this mother is a very important bear.  This is her second litter, however, this species reproduces very slowly, so any mortality has a large impact on the population. Habitat destruction, human interference, and roadway accidents are the biggest threats to these amazing animals.

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