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Everyone Needs a Bear Tickle

Canadian Rockies

It was still winter in the higher altitudes of the Kootenay Mountains, forcing the bears to lower elevations to feed. This was dangerous for the bears, as they often have to feed along the roadway to find any greens at all. Mother bear was very aware of the roadway, but the little cubs weren't. They would cross the road and sometimes dangerously play on it. The whole family spent about a week near this roadway, and I spent much time photographing them from the safety of my vehicle. At times, mother bear would try to control her cubs by actually tucking them underneath her, or sitting on them while feeding on grasses. The little cub was trying to escape, and mom was attempting to nuzzle it back underneath her belly. It actually looks like she's tickling the little one! The good news is that this this family soon moved to the safety of higher ground. 

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