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Canadian Rocky Mountains, Alberta

This amazing mother bear is a gift to our Canadian Rockies. I have had the good fortune to experience this mother during previous years, and this I believe is her fourth litter of cubs. She is thankfully adding to the population of grizzly bears at risk in our mountain parks. Banff National Park is home to just 65 grizzlies in total!  Every female bear is so important to the longevity and success of the species. Sadly, we lose far too many female grizzly bears to road and rail strikes far too often. The reproductive rate of this species is one of the lowest of all species in North America, with the average female grizzly having a lifetime reproductive rate of just 1.6. Without careful management by authorities and thoughtful decisions by all visitors to our National Parks, the grizzly will continue to be at risk. Thanks to the hard work of Parks Canada and many nature-conscious people, this particular mama continues to add more and more cubs to the grizzly bear population. In bear country, follow all road signage and Parks Canada directions: Be bear aware and safe, always!

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