With the help of our All in the Wild Community we have set aside 1600 acres of land dedicated to nature conservation. Thank you.


Prince Albert National Park, SK

An incredible encounter with a mother black bear and her three cubs led to this rare image of Mother Nature. I was fortunate to observe and photograph this family as mom was feeding on lush vegetation and her cubs were playing rambunctiously. There is nothing quite like watching the curiosity of baby animals. I observed them play fighting, chasing the seeds of dandelions, and of course climbing up and down trees. Early into my shooting I realized one of the cubs had a white spot on his paw! I have never seen this before, nor have I heard of anyone else who has witnessed this with a black bear cub. This condition is known as “vitiligo”, a rare skin condition that can cause pigment loss in certain patches of the fur. It is believed to be hereditary. This special little bear, like all of our bears, is a treasure to us and our Canadian wilderness!

Limited Edition 8" x 10" and larger to 900

Conservation Edition 30” x 40” to 25


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