Meeting the Legend

Banff National Park, Alberta

Nature photography is a passion of mine, with a unique set of challenges as well as the potential to tell compelling stories. It takes patience and creativity to successfully photograph the wildlife to share with our world. It's moments like this that bring meaning to it all.     Jason Leo Bantle

Encountering a grizzly bear in its natural habitat can be both a heart-pounding experience and a profound opportunity to connect nature with humanity. In a grizzly’s space, we are the one who is out of place. After decades of wildlife photography, I am committed to the safety and security of the creatures I photograph. When I stumbled upon a bear print in the fresh snow in Banff National Park in the fall of 2022, I realized I may have been blessed with another memorable and rare encounter. Astoundingly, I had happened upon a legend: The Boss of Banff, as he meandered the hills in search of final food for a long winter. His snout showed he was foraging for any remaining last-minute morsels that would endure him through the months of Canadian cold and snow. I hope to hear stories of his emergence in the spring as he continues his legacy as The Boss.

Limited Edition 8" x 10" and larger to 900

Conservation Edition 30” x 40” to 25




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